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Progressive Death Metal

What is Progressive Death Metal Music?

Picture of death and black metal band Drakul
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Progressive Death Metal Music is difficult to distinguish from “Technical death metal” as both refer to bands which are distinguishable by the sheer complexity in their music. They are a kind of fusion between your usual “death metal” (not that there’s anything “usual” or “normal” about that) and other elements like jazz, classical music or progressive rock.  It’s a fine line between progressive death metal music and death metal music, and the line between progressive and technical death metal is even finer.

Representative Progressive Death Metal Musicians

Progressive Death Metal Musicians is a term which is often applied to bands like Edge of Sanity, Cryptopsy and Sadist, with Gorguts, Atheist and Pestilence being excellent examples of progressive death metal bands with a jazz flavor. Spawn of Possession and Polish are a more classical music influenced example of progressive death metal.

See if you can spot the differences . . .

Did you notice any of the influences? No, me neither . . .

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