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Doom Metal

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What is Doom Metal Music?

Doom Metal Music is another type of heavy metal music which is typically a bit slower in tempo and has a much thicker sound than many of the other genres.  As you might expect the song lyrics are full of doom, gloom and despair and is strongly influenced by much of the early Black Sabbath stuff. Whatever happened to music cheering people up instead of filling them with desperation and pain?

Representative Doom Metal Musicians

Doom Metal Musicians as I’ve already said were heavily influenced by the early days of Black Sabbath, particularly “Black Sabbath” and “Into the Void”. Other bands emerged in the 1980’s, from England there was Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar, with Trouble and Saint Vitus in the United States and Sweden contributing with bands like Count Raven and Candlemass.

Has that upset you now? Have you sunk into the depths of despair? Me too, we’re all doomed . . .

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