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What is Drone Metal Music?

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Drone Metal Music is also known as drone dome or power ambient and is yet another style of heavy metal music, this time melding the much slower tempos associated with doom metal and the long monotony of drone music. It is sometimes regarded as being post-metal or even avant-garde metal.

Representative Drone Metal Musicians

Drone Metal Musicians which are highly regarded as the “originals” include a group called Earth formed in Seattle in 1990, otherwise described as minimalist post-grunge. All of these different musical genres really are inextricably linked aren’t they? They had been inspired by a group called Melvins, who were pretty sludge metal really as well as La Monte Young who had a really minimalist sound.  Seattle was also the birthplace of another representative drone metal band around 5 years later, a band called Burning Witch. Funnily enough, a tribute group to Earth which was formed much later called Sun O))) helped to bring the drone style to a much wider audience.

It’s a good job we don’t all like the same stuff isn’t it – I think . . .

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