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What is Folk Metal Music?

The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth by Skyclad is...
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Folk Metal Music first emerged in 1990’s Europe and is a kind of mixture, as you might have guessed, between traditional folk music and heavy metal. They often use a wide variety of traditional folk music instruments and also a bit of a “folky” singing style sometimes. The bands often have a bigger line up than the usual heavy metal, but then again, they have more instruments to play don’t they? There are regularly six members, or even more. Their songs are largely about nature, history, mythology and fantasy with just a spot of paganism often being thrown in from time to time.

Representative Folk Metal Musicians

Folk Metal Musicians which have been largely accredited to the birth of folk metal include the English band Skyclad which released their first album in 1990. It took a few years before bands from other countries joined the trend, so to speak, with other bands emerging from Europe and, interestingly enough, Israel.  A band called Subway to Sally from Germany was pretty influential, as well as the Irish band Cruachan. The genre eventually gained wide recognition in the early 2000’s when lots of bands from Finland in particular, helped enormously with the popularity.

Is it more “folk” or “metal”? What do you think?

You can really hear both influences can’t you? This is great, get jigging . . .

At last, a heavy metal genre which does “exactly what it says on the tin”, even to those of us who don’t know. I love it . . .

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