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Gothic Metal

What is Gothic Metal Music?

Type O Negative at the Columbiahalle (Berlin).
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Gothic Metal Music is another derivative of heavy metal music which combines the dark and melancholic sounds of Gothic rock with the raw aggression found in doom metal. It’s melodramatic, it’s mournful and it is seriously heavy man . . .  It kind of emerged during the 1990’s in Europe (they’re a right miserable lot aren’t they?) as an extension to the doom and death metal era.  Gothic metal music is pretty diverse really, different bands give the “Gothic” touch to their heavy metal music. I bet they’re a cheery bunch in the tour bus don’t you?

Representative Gothic Metal Musicians

Gothic Metal Musicians which are credited with pioneering the Gothic metal movement include three bands from the North of England, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost – surely life isn’t that bad up there! Other bands from the United States (Type O Negative for example) and Sweden (Tiamat) all joined in the “fun”.

Warning – this music can seriously damage your good mood . . .  ( think the blonde guy needs to be careful not to catch his hair in his G-string!)

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