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What is Grindcore Music?

Napalm Death at Wacken 2007
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Grindcore Music is another type of heavy metal which is a mixture of the other darkest and most abrasive heavy metal sub genres. It’s a kind of mixture of industrial music, death metal and hardcore punk – definitely not made by the types of people you’d want to take home to meet your Mum then! Song lyrics include lots of topics ranging from political and social concerns to black humor and, well, gore! Grindcore music is famous for having short “micro” songs so that’s one saving grace I suppose. One Grindcore band from Britain, Napalm Death actually holds the world record for the shortest song ever to be recorded – it’s called You Suffer, was recorded in 1987 and lasts for 1 whole second, I think even I could manage that don’t you?

Representative Grindcore Musicians

Grindcore Musicians as you would expect think up great names for their bands – apart from Napalm Death, one of the early pioneers of Grindcore music, more recent contributors from the United States and Europe include Nasum and Brutal Truth. Have you heard of them? Well not to worry, here they are . . .

Did you catch that? You can always play it again.

I don’t know about you but that Napalm Death track definitely gets my vote.

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