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What is Groove Metal Music?

Groove Metal Music is another derivative from heavy metal which is kind of like a marriage between hard rock, dance music and hip hop. It has punchy rhythms like you might expect from funk and rap, but with loads of loud guitars piercing your eardrums.  It emerged throughout the 1990’s.

Representative Groove Metal Musicians

Groove Metal Musicians which were really in at the groundbreaking stage are agreed by many to be Pantera, with their Cowboys from Hell album in 1990, although others think that the Groove metal attitude came courtesy of Bad Brains. Quite interestingly, many groove metal bands went all out not to be classed within the genre, and one such band Annihilator actually left their record company who were trying to promote them as Groove metal. Unfortunately they were never heard of again – well, not in North America anyway, that’ll teach them for arguing.

Did you like that? Well, how about this then?

Yes sir, get down and get groovy – or not . . .

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