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What is Industrial Metal Music?

Nine Inch Nails: Live With Teeth in Moline IL
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Industrial Metal Music is loud, drawn from the industrial music scene and heavy metal, which is often characterized by repeated metal guitar riffs. Industrial metal music is ear splittingly loud, it’s abrasive and  generally possesses more brute force than industrial music.  Another branch of music which is, shall we say, not for the purpose of cheering the listener up, the lyrics are full of aggression and darkness, angst ridden and bleak.

Representative Industrial Metal Musicians

Industrial Metal Musicians which were in right at the very birth of the genre in the 1980’s is widely acclaimed to be the band Ministry with their endless guitar riffs and distorted vocals, although it was really the appearance of Nine Inch Nails in the early 1990’s which helped the sound to achieve more mainstream success. This led the way for a number of alternative bands to appear with a similar sound towards the end of that decade. Many industrial metal bands are renowned for making great videos.

Want to hear a little industrial metal? Well, here you are then . . .

Alright, cheer up now, you’ll be alright in a minute or two. Go take a coffee or something . . .

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