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What is Metalcore Music?

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Metalcore Music is a mish-mash of extreme metal and hard core punk music, in fact, that’s where it gets its name from, a mixture of the two – it’s not rocket science. The earliest metalcore groups emerged in 1988, it was kept pretty much a part of the underground music scene throughout the 1990’s but burst well and truly into mainstream popularity in the 2000’s. Not unlike many other genres of heavy metal music, the vocals are largely screamed at the audience (or anyone who’s listening in fact), with the occasional growl thrown in for good measure, although clear and crisp vocals are occasionally employed for the chorus (so that everybody can join in screaming no doubt).

Representative Metalcore Musicians

Metalcore Musicians which are accredited with starting this whole new genre in 1988 are a group called Integrity, as well as Sepultura which has also been credited for helping to lay the foundations of the metalcore genre. New metalcore bands have arrived thick and fast in the last few years, including The Devil Wears Prada (thought that was a movie) and Underoath.

Enjoy if you can . . .

Did you like that? It’s amazing how many of their live performances actually end up in a fight!

It’s not a bit like the movie is it?

They’re an energetic bunch, these metalcore supporters aren’t they?

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