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What is Mathcore Music?

Mathcore Music is yet another style of metalcore music, which is just that little bit more rhythmically complex. The name for mathcore comes from math rock, and both mathcore and math rock do have unusual timing issues in their make-up.

Representative Mathcore Musicians

Mathcore Music (or the music which we now know as mathcore) first appeared in the mid 1980’s, when a group called Black Flag appeared and set a trend, so to speak. Others like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Today Is The Day, Cave In, Deadguy and Neurosis followed, although in the 1990’s many of these subgenres were lumped together and very aptly named – noisecore. Mathcore became more prominent after this when groups such as Starkweather and Converge began to emerge.

What on earth is he doing? Is he trying to escape? They’re not taking too kindly to being trodden all over are¬†they?

Ha ha, I think the “Starkweather Boys” are a bit different from “Starkweather” but it makes a welcome change don’t you think? Sorry, OK, here’s some more mathcore . . .

Is that better?

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