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Melodic Metalcore

What is Melodic Metalcore Music?

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 Melodic Metalcore Music arrived early in 2000, God Forbid, no, I’m not being disrespectful, I mean that God Forbid were one of the first melodic metalcore bands! Boston seemed to be the “in-place” for the rise of melodic metalcore. The music is a sub-genre of melodic death metal with lots of guitar heroics and heavy breakdowns, with, surprisingly enough, some choruses which were melodic and cleanly sung – apparently. Make up your own minds!

Representative Melodic Metalcore Musicians

Melodic Metalcore musicians were largely from Boston, as I’ve already said, with God Forbid being one of the fore-runners of the sound, arguably one of the most popular metal genres to emerge in the 2000’s. Other bands to follow include Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and Protest the Hero from Ontario.

Is this your cup of tea? See what you think . . .

Well? Does that sound melodic to you . . .

How about this . . .

That’s a bit more like it isn’t it? I did say a bit!

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