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What is  Power Metal Music?

Kai Hansen in Japan
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Power Metal music is another sub genre of heavy metal, which combines the characteristics of traditional heavy metal with speed metal. Two distinctive sounds evolved, both related but still different, with a hard speed metal type sound coming out of North America, and a lighter and probably more popular sound from Europe.  The vocals associated with power metal are general much clearer and cleaner than would be present in, say, black metal or death metal, with them often being high up the register rather than the growling and grunting of other genres. Multi layered vocals are even used sometimes to create a choral sound (remember Queen?)

Representative Power Metal Musicians

Power Metal guitarists which are thought to be among the most influential in the genre include people like Kai Hansen from band Gamma Ray and Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius, not forgetting Michael Weikath from Helloween (the band, not the movie!). Fates Warning is one of the most successful of the American power metal bands (also quite influential in progressive metal).

Did you like that?  Were your jiggling about and nodding your head? Yes, me too . . .

Did you spot the difference between the European and the American power metal? No – well, listen again and pay attention this time.

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