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Progressive Metal

 What is Progressive Metal Music? 

 Progressive Metal music is another subgenre of heavy metal which is a blend of the powerful, heavy, guitar driven sound of metal with what are often thought to be the odd time signatures and complex compositional structures of progressive rock.  Some progressive metal music is also influenced by classical or jazz fusion music, so as you can imagine you get a real mixture of sounds going on. Typically, progressive metal songs (just like progressive rock songs) are longer than your average record and often linked to themed in concept albums.

Representative Progressive Metal Musicians

Progressive metal is basically associated with three “originals”, who actually have quite distinctive styles –  Queensryche, Fates Warning and Dream Theater. Queensryche were generally regarded to be the most melodic of the three and did achieve a substantial amount of media success, Fates Warning  were the most aggressive and “heaviest” of the progressive metal bands, and the third band Dream Theater were generally more traditional progressive rock.

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