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Rap Metal

What is Rap Metal Music?

Rap Metal Music really gets its roots from rap rock, fusing together the vocal and often the instrumental traits of hip hop with good old heavy metal. Often confused, but slightly different to rap core. It kind of started when hip hop  bands like the Beastie Boys tried their hands at a little heavy metal, and then some heavy metal rock bands had a go at fusing their sound with a little bit of hip hop. Many bands actually started working together to make these sounds, notably when Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith for a remake of “Walk This Way”, rap metal music was surely brought to the attention of millions.

Representative Rap Metal Musicians

Rap Metal Music is commonly associated with Anthrax, whose 1991 remake of “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy (featuring some members of Public Enemy also)  which for many is the hard core rap style with the urban attitude and street tough style they happily adopted.

Sorry about the lack of “action” in this clip, but it was the only one available and just couldn’t be left out, as I’m sure you’ll agree . . . Walk This Way….. Talk This Way …..

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