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Sludge Metal

What is Sludge Metal Music?

(the) Melvins live in concert
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Sludge Metal Music sounds awful doesn’t it, I mean the name of the genre, not the music, you can make your own mind up about that in a minute. Sludge metal music is a type of heavy metal music which combines elements of hardcore punk and doom metal, incorporating occasionally the odd bit of stoner rock, grunge and southern rock. As you might imagine its pretty abrasive music, with lots of shouting and distorted guitars.

Representative Sludge Metal Musicians

Sludge Metal has been largely attributed to a Washington band called the Melvins who were around in the mid – late 1980’s. Their releases back in 1986 and 1987 are regarded by many “sludgers” to be the original sludge records.  In the early 1990’s some bands from Louisiana took the influence and developed the style we now know as “sludge”. These bands are Crowbar (originally the Slugs), Acid Bath and Eyehategod, to name but a few examples.

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