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Speed Metal

What is Speed Metal Music?

Speed Metal Music originates from way back in the 1970’s and the New Wave of British Heavy Metals (NWOBHM). According to AllMusic it is “extremely fast, abrasive, and technically demanding” music – sounds fun doesn’t it?

Representative Speed Metal Musicians

Lemmy Motorhead The Blue Note Columbie, MO
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Speed Metal Music was first played/invented by Motorhead, as far as many enthusiasts are concerned. Speed metal bands drew their inspiration from Deep Purple, early Queen and Led Zeppelin. NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head were very successful bands, often classes as being in the speed metal genre.  Judas Priest and Metallica are also well known speed metal bands.

Hold on to your hats and try to keep up if you dare . . .

How about that then? Did you enjoy that? This one’s good too . . .

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