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Symphonic Metal

What is Symphonic Metal Music?

Symphonic Metal Music is how you would describe some heavy metal music with a little (or a lot) of symphonic elements. These are “borrowed” from other music genres, (you see, nothing is ever really new) such as classical music or progressive rock music, often creating quite an operatic style with female lead vocals, lots of keyboards and acoustic guitars. Symphonic metal music has been mostly influenced really by a mixture of power metal and gothic metal, as well as the classical stuff which is going on.  Keyboards often take the lead, sometimes having a full orchestra behind them!

Representative Symphonic Metal Musicians

Symphonic Metal music came to the forefront (or as close as it was going to) in the 1990’s, with many people acknowledging that Therion, a heavey metal band from Sweden who were formed in 1987 later began to combine more orchestral sounds into their heavy metal music.  They had choirs, classical musicians, the works (they were actually the first heavy metal band to use a full live orchestra). Other bands began to appear who were heavily influenced by Therion, such as Within Temptation and Nightwish, with new ones following early in 2000’s including Epica, Rain Fell Within and After Forever.

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