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Unblack Metal

What is Unblack Metal Music?

Main Stage of the Cornerstone Festival 2007.
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Unblack Metal Music is also known as Christian black metal, or even holy unblack metal, you’ve got it, it sounds like black metal but with different values – instead of promoting the dark nature of the antichrist, these guys actually promote christianity. It makes it all a bit controversial really, especially to black metal artists who want t0 encourage people to be hostile towards christianity. What a turnaround, I bet it really gets up their noses. It’s difficult to pinpoint when the whole unblack metal movement really started, although many believe it was in 1994 when the album Hellig Usvart was released by Australian band Horde which brought the whole “unblack” thing to the attention of the media.

Representative Unblack Metal Musicians

Unblack Metal Music was heavily influenced by Horde, and in 1995 many other unblack metal bands began to release albums, with Indonesian groups Beliah and Kekal becoming quite prominent in the movement. Elsewhere other unblack metal bands were beginning to gain recognition, Frost Like Ashes from Kansas City as well as many more from Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. Whilst, to be honest, not many of these bands ever achieved what could be called mainstream success, Crimson Moonlight and Antestor did play at one of the largest Christian music festivals in the world, the Cornerstone Festival.

You see, it sounds the same as black metal but they say nicer things.

Quite surprising when you can actually see the words isn’t it? Who’d have thought it.

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