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What is J-Rock Music?

J-Rock Music is one of the most popular types of music in – Japan! Yes, it actually stands for Japanaese Rock (similar to J-pop) and is what happened to psychedelic rock when it arrived in Japan in the 1960’s. It definitely took on a more Japanese flavor. Whereas it had been previously associated with singers and musicians in a drug induced haze, J-Rock singers and performers were drug free, in fact, they were often anti-drug campaigners who just loved the music. The bands started off by imitating the sounds of the 60’s, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles (John Lennon was extremely popular, wonder if that had anything to do with Yoko?).

Representative J-Rock Musicians

J-Rock Music began by copying the sounds of the popular music in the rest of the world, but soon began to develop it’s own style. First of all groups like The Mops, The Golden Cups and The Tempters tried to emulate their heroes, but the music moved on throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and as I’ve said, is still one of the most popular types of music in Japan today (often heard in Karaoke bars). Other bands such as X Japan and The Tigers became extremely popular.

Remind you of anybody? How about this one.

That’s probably being murdered in Karaoke bars right across the country as we speak. Great isn’t it?

Do you see how it developed over the years? Love that hair, it’s amazing.

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