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Math Rock

What is Math Rock Music?

Math Rock Music is played on a calculator – only joking, but it is called math rock for a reason you know, it is made up of complex rhythmic structures, lots of stopping and starting, with angular melodies. It started in the American Midwest underground music scene (maybe just after they’d finished their math homework) and has lots of similarities to the other genre which developed around the same time, same place, post rock. Musically, math rock is derived from many other genres of music including heavy metal, rock, punk rock and progressive rock, but where much of this music is based around the 4/4 time, much of math rock uses more asymmetrical time signatures like 11/8 or 13/8. It chops and changes making it sound mathematically and rhythmically┬ácomplex, hence the name.

Representative Math Rock Musicians

Math Rock music developed all around the world, although much of it was from the United States, specifically the Midwest. Famous Pittsburgh bands include Six Horse and Don Caballero, with Tristeza and Drive Like Jehu coming out of San Diego, and Keelhaul and Craw from Ohio.

Listen to some of these and see if you can spot the complex math rhythms.

Certainly “different” isn’t it?

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