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Paisley Underground

What is Paisley Underground Music?

Paisley Underground Music (sounds like a shirt doesn’t it?) came primarily from Los Angeles in the 1980’s, and was one of the early genres of alternative rock.  The name apparently came from a joke by Michael Quercio of  The Three O’Clock,  and a shirt which was worn at a meeting of musicians, and was seen as a stand against violent hardcore punk, preferring to revert to the peace and love message of rock from the 1960’s. Everything’s beautiful man! The music was inspired by bands like The Byrds with lots of folk rock-style guitar interplay and rich vocal harmonies. 

Representative Paisley Underground Musicians

Paisley Underground music drew it’s inspiration from all sorts of different groups. One of the most successful bands of the time, The Bangles were inspired by The Mamas & The Papas (remember them?) and Green on Red, while other Paisley underground bands like The Dream Syndicate were influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Crazy Horse.

What do you think? Way ahead of it’s time really don’t you agree?

That was a bit of a change of pace!

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