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Power Pop

What is Power Pop Music?

Power Pop Music is a very popular music genre which fed from the 1960’s pop and rock music of both Britain and America. It incorporates strong melodies, crisp vocals with lots of harmony and shies away from instrumental solos and anything “bluesy”. Power pop has been around for decades and has proved that though other genres have come and gone, power pop is definitely here to stay. The phrase was first invented, so to speak, by Pete Townsend of The Who, when, way back in 1967 he referred to power pop as “what we play, what the Small Faces used to play and the kind of pop the Beach Boys played in the days of “Fun fun fun” which I preferred”. So now we know then!

Representative Power Pop Musicians

Power Pop Musicians must include Pete Townsend then, as well as the Small Faces and the Beach Boys, but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Almost all power pop music can be traced by to the Fab Four, you’ve guessed it, those four boys from Liverpool, the Beatles. They were responsible for lots of other genres weren’t they?  Anyway, much of the the music of the Everly Brothers could also be classed as power pop, as well as some which followed like The Monkees and The Hollies.

In my impartial opinion, that’s definitely one of my favorites!

There you are, thought you might like to sing along to that one.

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