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Space Rock

What is Space Rock Music?

Space Rock Music first originated in the UK in the 1970’s, a sub genre of rock music it is generally attributed to early psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind. It’s full of slow, long, slow, long instrumental passengers with lots of synthesizer stuff going on and guitar playing, based on scientific themes (hence space rock) . These days there are a new batch of space rock bands which kind of draw their inspiration from the founding members.

Representative Space Rock Musicians

Space Rock Music was really inspired by the space race of the late 1960’s, and all of the songs seem to have something extra terrestrial in the title – Space Oddity, the 1969 creation of David Bowie is one of the most famous examples, as well as Space Ritual in 1973 by Hawkwind.  Space rock is also said to have influenced many other genres and groups which followed, including Radiohead, Muse and Mugstar.

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