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Psychedelic Rock

What is Psychedelic Rock Music?

Psychedelic Rock Music perhaps unsurprisingly arrived during the swinging sixties, and the music attempted to recreate as well as enhance the mind altering experience of using psychedelic drugs. It emerged on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously, among the blues rock and the folk rock bands of the USA and the UK.  It has often been credited with bridging the transition between early folk and blues based rock music and the glam and progressive rock which followed.  It is therefore responsible (at least partly) for the development of many of the sub genres of heavy metal.   Musically it used electric guitars with lots of wah wah and fuzz boxes, and included many exotic instruments, perhaps for the first time in western music including tablas and sitars. The songs were melodic but the lyrics were often surreal – in fact, nobody really knew what they were on about but they just blamed it on the drugs. It’s all beautiful man!

Representative Psychedelic Rock Musicians

Psychedelic Rock Musicians can be traced back to many of the rock and folk musicians of the 1960’s who began taking psychedelic drugs really!  Some of the Beatles started experimenting with LSD around 1965 which might be responsible for their double A side release in 1967 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever. This was closely followed by the largely controversial Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – did you ever try to play it backwards for the hidden message? Another psychedelic rock tune by Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale actually topped the UK single charts for 6 weeks during 1967. However, the end was in sight.  LSD was made illegal at both sides of the Atlantic, and drug inspired crimes began to hit the headlines, claiming to have been inspired by many of these psychedelic rock tracks.

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