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Acid Rock

What is Acid Rock Music?

Acid Rock Music is a type of psychedelic rock which includes lots of long instrumental solos, not too many lyrics (if any at all) and lots of improv. The music was called acid rock because it was often the background music which was used for acid trips and 1960’s underground parties, in fact, according to Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead “Acid rock is what you listen to when you are high on acid”. Could be anything then really, good job nobody mixed up a Perry Como record in with it or anything like that – not good for his image.

Representative Acid Rock Musicians

Acid Rock Music was really more about when you listened to it than how it was, but notable acid rock groups were Jefferson Airplane and The Doors. Actually, I quite liked listening to them without the acid – maybe I didn’t get the full effect.  Even some groups which are now known more as hard rock were once called acid rock, notably Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge and Alice Cooper.

The guy at the beginning doesn’t look very well for starters. Did you enjoy that, with or without the LSD?

I hope you’re still behaving yourselves. Good, that’s alright then.

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