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Punk Rock

What is Punk Rock Music?

Punk Rock Music developed almost simultaneously in the United States, United Kingdon and Australia between 1974 and 1976. This rock music genre is rooted mostly in the garage rock stuff as well as other music which is now commonly known as protopunk (well, not that commonly obviously).  They were a rebellious bunch whose songs were full of anti-establishment lyrics and the politics of the day. The songs were short, hard-edged with pretty much stripped down instrumentation. They liked to do things there way, in fact, they liked to do things themselves and many bands produced their own records and used unorthodox and informal methods of distribution. Punk rock soon became not just a type of music but a whole sub-culture of lifestyle and fashion, very often adorned with safety pins (not just their clothing either – looked painful to me)

Representative Punk Rock Musicians

Punk Rock Music was popularized by groups such as The Ramones in New York, and across the other side of the Atlantic The Clash and The Sex Pistols were really making a name for themselves – for one reason or another.  Though relatively short lived, punk rock really did make an impression on music and the world.

Absolute classic! Well, should he stay or should he go? You decide . . .

Needless to say, that really endeared him to the Royal Family in 1977, the Queens Silver Jubilee Year. After being banned it was sure to be a winner wasn’t it?

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