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Anarcho Punk

Crass singer Joy de Vivre, 1984.
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What is Anarcho Punk Music?

Anarcho Punk Music is really punk rock music which promotes anarchism, considering everything to do with the state to be harmful, undesirable and completely unnecessary.  The original anarcho punk movement took place in the United Kingdom during the late 1970’s and on into the early 1980’s, although some people use the term to describe other kinds of music with an “anarchy flavor” to their lyrics, even if the music is more like garage punk, hardcore punk or folk punk, for example.  Anarcho punk music is actually less about the music and more about the message as far as many people are concerned, they’re often fast songs which don’t really follow any of the usual structure of a song – verses and choruses, that sort of thing, which we’re all used to singing along to.

Representative Anarcho Punk Musicians

Anarcho Punk Musicians of note must include The Sex Pistols, there first ever single was “Anarchy in the UK” so that more or less gives the game away really. Whilst they were busy shocking the world with their antics and lyrics however, some other bands were trying to take their anarcho punk music a little more seriously, Crass for example did have some pretty serious anarchist yet pacifist ideas.  Conflict and Flux of Pink Indians were among many bands who followed.

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