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Crust Punk

What is Crust Punk Music?

Crust Punk Music, or just “Crust” was heavily influenced by anarcho punk and hardcore punk, as well as extreme metal. It evolved in England during the 1980’s and the songs have dark lyrics which pessimistically tell of social and political ills. Crust punk music generally has a dirty sound, (I thought you could only have a dirty look) with vocals being systematically screamed or growled, certainly not sung. They usually “sing” about¬†things like animal rights, nuclear war, fascism, oppression and that sort of thing.¬† It’s always been kept firmly underground and never really made it into the mainstream industry, although, would it want to? Who knows.

Representative Crunk Punk Musicians

Crust Punk Music is accredited largely to the early work of bands like Nausea, Doom, Hellbastard and Antisect.

There you are then, the dirty sound of crust punk . . .

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