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What is  Deathrock Music?

Deathrock Music is used to describe a sub-genre of punk rock with incorporates spooky atmospherics with lots of  horror elements. Deathrock music first appeared in the late 1970’s on the West Coast of the USA.  The spooky vibes are created by using scratchy guitars and sinister synths, although other instruments are also used to try to create the right type of atmosphere.  Singers of deathrock bands often have quite distinctive voices with a strong stage presence, as they are called upon to convey many complex emotions during the songs. The lyrics are generally about dark themes, as you might have guessed, – loss, depression, death, life, isolation – not the sort of stuff to get your average party started then!

Representative Deathrock Musicians

Deathrock Musicians were largely influenced by the novelty rock and roll acts of the 1950’s and 60’s, in fact the term was first used in 1958 to describe a period of rock and roll which ended in the early 60’s, starting with Endless Sleep by Jody Reynolds.  The songs were typically about dead teenagers with a romantic, yet morbid view of the world. Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las is probably the most well known. However, the deathrock we’re talking about re-emerged in 1979. Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave, one of the most representative deathrock bands got inspiration from Italian horror movies, zombies, you know the sort of thing.  Other deathrock bands of the era include The Flesh Eaters and Christian Death.

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