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Hardcore Punk

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What is Hardcore Punk Music

Hardcore Punk Music followed in the footsteps of punk rock, which had achieved mainstream success, although hardcore punk remained a largely underground sub-genre of the late 1970’s.  Hardcore punk music is generally much thicker, faster and altogether heavier than the original sounds of earlier punk rock. During the 1980’s hardcore punk was involved with many of the independent record labels and DIY music scenes.  Hardcore punk developed simultaneously in many different “batches” around the US, with lots going on particularly in California, Washington DC, Boston and New York, as well as across the water in the UK.

Representative Hardcore Punk Musicians

Hardcore Punk was never going to realize the mainstream success of its predecessor, however, some bands did attain an amount of commercial acceptance and success with major record labels. This includes The  Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, who have managed to achieve appreciation over time. More recent bands like Gallows, Hatebreed and Rise Against have also achieved some commercial success.

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