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What is Post-Hardcore Music?

Post Hardcore Punk Music is an offshoot of hardcore punk, which is an offshoot of punk. Get it? First there was punk, then there was hardcore punk, then there was post hardcore punk (among lots of other variations).  Post hardcore generally covers a broad spectrum of groups emerging from the hardcore punk scene or taking inspiration from it, but trying to change it around a bit (everyone like to be individual don’t they)? They are regarded to incorporate a little more creativity into their music rather than the gang vocals and power chords of the earlier genres.  It generally emerged during the mid to late 1980’s in the Midwestern US.

Representative Post-Hardcore Musicians

Post-Hardcore Musicians which influenced the movement include bands like Fugazi from Washington DC, as well as other sounds from groups like Jawbox and Big Black. As I’ve already said, it does cover a wide spectrum of sounds and creativity.  By the 1990’s newer bands were helping to popularize post-hardcore music, including Poison the Well, Thrice and Finch.

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