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What is Pop Punk Music?

Pop Punk Music is what happens when you mix up a little bit of punk rock with a little bit of pop music – also described as Alternative rock by Allmusic it has typically blends of pop melodies with chord changes, speedy punky tempos and loud guitars.  Other pop punk music bands have been described as “radio friendly” punk music, with lots of the original speed and attitude of the classic punk rock music toned down a bit.

Punk music with the influence of pop has been around since the mid to late ’70s, although it was probably later into the ’90s when some pop punk bands attained commercial success.

Representative Pop Punk  Musicians

Pop Punk Music of the 1970’s, well, it wasn’t really called pop punk at the time, but it certainly had all of the traits was played by people like Buzzcocks, The Jam and Generation X. They all used catchy lyrics and many of the themes of the song were less anarchic than the original punk rock bands, singing instead about things like teenage romance. On into the ’90s and ’00s, bands such as Green Day and Blink 182 became successful pop punk bands.

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