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What is Post-Punk Music?

Post-Punk Music followed hot on the heels of the original punk music explosion in the 1970’s, although as a genre it is much more complex and experimental than its predecessor. Post-punk was the fore-runner of alternative rock music, as it did much of the groundwork of¬†broadening the range of underground and punk music, incorporating lots of different elements – a little American funk, a little Jamaican dub music with plenty of synthesizers and repetition. Even a little disco was sometimes found to be evident in post-punk music.

Representative Post-Punk Musicians

Post-Punk Music of the late 1970’s was originated by bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees with The Raincoats and Essential Logic following early in the 1980’s.¬† Talking Heads, Echo and the Bunnymen and Adam and the Ants have also all been described as post-punk music bands.

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