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What is Psychobilly Music

Psychobilly Music – (actually, the name “Psycho Billy” would very well describe a dog I once knew, but that’s a different story) – back to the music – Psychobilly music is a mixture of rock music which has definite elements of rockabilly and punk rock. Other subgenres of rockabilly include – thrashabilly, punkabilly, surfabilly, trashabilly and gothabilly – poor old Billy, don’t know what he’s done to deserve all that!  Psychobilly bands often sing about science fiction, violence, horror and sexually taboo subjects (no wonder they’re called psycho), even though it’s done, or attempted to be performed in a humorous or comedic fashion. Beginning in Europe in the 1980’s, it eventually gained a little recognition (but not a lot unsurprisingly) in the USA in the 1990’s.  It does now attract mainstream attention, thanks to some of the more successful bands.

Psychobilly bands “borrowed” much of their style from the 1950’s rock and roll and rockabilly fashions, as well as some being influenced by the punk fashions of the 1970’s.

Representative Psychobilly Musicians

Psychobilly Music was first used to describe The Meteors, who were formed in London in 1980, they are classed as pioneers of the psychobilly movement with blends of rockabilly and punk rock, with horror film themes. They were closely followed by The Sharks in Bristol, who incidentally didn’t stick around for long, and Guana Batz who hailed from Middlesex and were formed in 1983. In the 1990’s, Psychobilly music became more popular in the USA with bands like Tiger Army in San Francisco.

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