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What is Rock and Roll Music

Rock and Roll Music, no, that’s not right, it should be Rock ‘n’ Roll, or Rock & Roll at the very least, anyway, it all means the same, a very popular genre of music which developed in the United States during the late ’40s and into the early ’50s, although the name didn’t actually arrive until the 1950’s. Primarily evolving from a combination of country music, jazz, the blues and gospel music, rock and roll certainly changed the face of music and with it, the whole youth culture. 

Representative Rock and Roll Musicians

Rock and Roll Musicians? Where to start, where to start. The history of rock and roll is literally littered with some of the most famous names of music  – period. When legendary Chuck Berry, for example, first sang the words “Hail hail rock and roll, deliver me from the days of old” that’s exactly what he was doing, with a little help from his friends and colleagues. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Little Richard were making it big in the US, while the likes of Cliff Richard (yes, he’s still at it), Adam Faith and Marty Wilde were keeping the teens happy in the UK.  It’s still going strong to this very day – long live Rock and Roll (I’m sure somebody sang about that too!)

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