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Southern Rock

What is Southern Rock Music

Southern Rock Music doesn’t get the recognition it rightfully deserves in the history of music, according to some people (probably the early southern rock musicians). Developing in the Southern United States from a mixture of country music, blues and rock and roll it’s generally built around vocals and the electric guitar.  In fact, many of the original “rock and rollers” themselves came from the deep south, Little Richard, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis for example although the focus was shifted towards the big cities of LA, New York City, Liverpool, London and San Francisco as popularity spread.

Representative Southern Rock Musicians

Southern Rock Musicians which are largely credited to the development are people like Janis Joplin, a blues rocker who gained lots of success in her solo career as well as with Big Brother and The Holding Company. The Allman Brothers Band were another early southern rock band, making their debut in 1969 and very quickly gathering a very loyal following.  Barefoot Jerry and the Charlie Daniels Band followed soon after.

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