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What is Surf Rock Music

Surf Rock Music originated in the early 1960’s in Southern California where the whole “surfing” movement started, the sport, the music and the trend among the young people.  Surf rock music generally has a saxophone or an electric guitar playing the main melody and often has strong vocal harmonies.

Representative Surf Rock Music

Surf Rock Music is largely down to people like The Beach Boys, the only surf rock music band which survived the invasion of the British bands with the Beatles from around 1964. Others like Dick Dale and the Del-Tones were instrumental in the genre too. Surf rock style instrumental music was used in the soundtrack of Dr No in 1962 which really brought it to the attention of the media as well as making sure that the music of many other spy films of the era had similar soundtracks. Much later, in 1994, surf rock music was also used in the soundtrack of the film Pulp Fiction which saw the genre of music rise in popularity once more and a host of new surf rock bands emerge including Los Straitjackets and The Mermen. For many fans, there just ain’t nothin’ else like Surf Music.

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