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Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week

Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then music is definitely in the, ummmm, “ear of the behearer”.

“Turn that racket down, that’s not music” – sound familiar?

How about – “in my day you could really hear what the singers were saying, not like all that shouting and screaming”

“If music is the food of love, play on” – isn’t that what Shakespeare said, among many other things, designed to bewilder and bemuse English literature students the world over, well,  clearly not all music is the food of love is it? Music is many things to many people, it can be passionate, it can be magical, it can transport you to a wonderful time many years before when you were younger, like nothing else on earth, (except perhaps pop tarts), but it can certainly be unusual, definitely weird, often cool and very very interesting.

Some people find music in the clunking and clattering of industrial machinery, others think that the sound of a screeching cat can be quite appealing and musical (okay, that was my son learning to play the violin – which was definitely not musical, except to him of course), music is all things to all people. You just have to feel it and go with the flow . . .

Take a look at some of our previous “Music Videos of the Week” and see what you think . . .

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Here are some of my very favorite music videos . . .


I could not believe my luck when I came across this music video for the Country Pop page! My favorite Dolly Parton song, and what’s with the lilac suits and flares – absolute classic music. Sing a long with this great country western song if you can with a twang in your voice and dirt on your cowboy boots. Don’t forget that if you play this song backwards, like all country songs, she gets her boyfriend back.

Here we go again in the Glam Rock style, same era but different sound, mind you, he wouldn’t have looked out of place if he borrowed Dolly Parton’s trouser suit would he? Great stuff, would have been classed as definitely “cool” at the time, but I must admit it’s now probably more on the “weird” side, great lyrics though . . .  “she ain’t no witch and I love the way she twitch”

Okay, I admit, in this Folk Metal example I have no idea what they’re “singing” about and it would be better with a moving video, but I can’t help myself, I just have to get up and start jigging around, how about you? Looks like a scene from “Macbeth” don’t you think? Oh, sorry, it’s bad luck to say that, I mean “The Scottish Play”.

Classic Americana with Johnny Cash and June Carter – however, after having watched “Walk The Line” about 30 times I can’t help thinking that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon were even better – shame on me!

That’s clever isn’t it, in the Gypsy Jazz style. How does he do that? Is he twins? Is it camera trickery? Maybe it’s all done with mirrors. It’s definitely interesting anyway.

Couldn’t forget one of my all time Britpop fave’s, Jarvis Cocker and Pulp could I? You see, unusual, weird, cool, interesting, ummm . . . yes, he’s definitely all of those things.

Do you really think that Michael Jackson – (may God rest his soul), in his wildest fantasies (better not go there!) imagined it would ever sound like that?

Wow… listen to that at breakfast and you can skip the morning cup of coffee. Those drums were positively singing weren’t they? They were certainly getting a good reception from the audience, all that screaming sounded just like curdling war cries! Well, it was the drums of war.

Traditional Indian music is certainly distinctive, and what a great singing voice she’s got. Pretty amazing music I’m sure you’ll agree, and the backing percussion is particularly interesting.

Now that’s what I call groovy bebop music, and what’s with the legs Dizzy?

Bells, cannons, a full festival orchestra – what other kind of finale is there? Makes you go all tingly. . .

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