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Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week – 2010

Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week – 2010

Here are previous 2010 music video picks of the week:


OK everybody, the good news is that we’ve got a lorry load of new musical instruments arriving this evening, the even better news is that they’re all full. . . I expect every last one of you to do their duty, hic! What a brilliant excuse, and not a bad sound either. It takes all sorts.


My old chemistry teacher used to do that, making music with his trusty saw! Cuts right through you doesn’t it? Ha ha, sometimes I amaze myself.

I’m not really sure what to say about the music of “Washboard” Leo Thomas – I’m utterly speechless which is unusual for me, but read into it what you will. Well, I’ll just say this then, it was definitely better (for me at least) once he got with his mates and they all made a terrific musical sound together.

Have you ever seen, or heard anything so utterly amazing in your life? That was absolutely fantastic, well done.

Oh please, gimme a break, not all of those sounds were coming from his armpits were they?

How terrific was Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar? A man of many musical talents, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m sure you’ll agree that this famous guitarist will now need to contact the American Dental Association to buy a dental plan.

You can listen to didgeridoo music without having to visit Australia. Did you enjoy this musical video? I certainly did, in a weird and wonderful kind of way, like a one-man symphony, but then that’s what these music video clips are all about – hope you did too!

Now listen children, practice playing your instruments every day and maybe, when you’re all grown up like Daddy you too can make the beautiful music of the Amazon rain forest.

Now I’ve seen everything, and I think you have too! Who was that man? A very strategically placed condom if you don’t mind me saying so. Now I know what they mean by “making sweet music”. If this guy plays in the workplace, he better hope that the EEOC doesn’t get “wind” of this. If this is for his girlfriend, it is probably a good sexual harassment  claim.

That was b-e-a-u-t–i-f-u-l don’t you think? But be honest, would you put the face with the singing voice? No, thought not.

Wow… listen to that at breakfast and you can skip the morning cup of coffee. Those drums were positively singing weren’t they? They were certainly getting a good reception from the audience, all that screaming sounded just like curdling war
cries! Well, it was the drums of war.

Recycling at its very best. Who says that musical instruments are expensive?

Have you ever heard anything so beautiful? Native American music can surely touch your soul, close your eyes and just go with it, who knows where your thoughts might take you.

Am I right in thinking that she was burned at the stake as a witch? Beautiful music, interesting pictures but not sure that they really go together that well – what do you think?

How about those groovy moves to the groovy drum beat? You dancing? You asking? Yeah, these guys are proving why they really are the “Kings of the Swingers”. I know, that was an Orang Utang but they’re all related. Unfortunately, just like in many a dance hall on a Saturday night, it looks like it could all end in tears.

Pretty impressive stuff I’m sure you’ll agree. After all, the conductor is managing to control and direct all of those different instruments, the strings, the brass section, the percussion and the woodwind, all with one tiny baton which isn’t even as big as a violin bow, a wave of his arm and a nod of his head. What power!

Did you eyeball that guys watch? Don’t you just love it, tapping out a musical rhythm on an upturned bucket with a gold watch Liberace himself would have been proud of. Not sure whether it’s an “original”, I couldn’t tell from here, but the camera man was definitely eyeing it up.

Admit it, how many of you ran for cover? It’s pretty amazing isn’t it, making the musical sounds of rain and thunder simply by clapping and clicking, not sure who was making the music but I bet it was originally thought up by the Brits, after all they’re obsessed with the weather aren’t they?

Now that’s what I call music. Ole blue eyes when he was still a very young blue eyes. . . he might be the King of the Crooners but he’s definitely not the King of Cool, nope, sorry, that title is well and truly reserved for Dean Martin.

Unmistakable the world over, the Fab Four, who single handedly (well, I supposed technically speaking they had 8 between them), turned the world of popular music onto its head. What more is there to say?

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