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Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week 2010 – Part 2

Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week Р2010 РPart 2

Here are previous 2010 music video picks of the week:

Are my eyes deceiving me? This is music to my ears. Can it be true, he’s alive, the King is alive – oh, wait a minute, the pecs give it a way. He’s got the look, he’s got the voice, he’s got the moves but he’s also got a rather nice body and I think the pecs are taking it a little too far. A few more hamburgers required.

I bet you’re flicking through the travel pages right now aren’t you? What a magical cultural feast of music and imagery – you see, music really can transport you across to the other side of the world.

Where do they find these people? It’s worse than Karaoke night in my local, but to stand up in front of all those people – I’m not sure who to feel most sorry for, the audience who can’t escape the “singing” (I use the term loosely), or the singing sensations themselves who have to live it down later, after they’ve sobered up (I presume there was drink involved). I blame their parents for telling them they having musical talent at an early age and not having the guts to tell them the truth later.

Did you recognise it? That version is certainly a little different, but then again, that’s what this section is all about, music which is maybe a little different from the usual. Listen again and it may seem a little more familiar.

Traditional Indian music is certainly distinctive, and what a great singing voice she’s got. Pretty amazing music I’m sure you’ll agree, and the backing percussion is particularly interesting.

Did you enjoy that? Now remember, the bass player is not the banjo players wife, or the mandolin players Mom, she’s just a terrific base player who really gets into the spirit of the performance. What a great sound, good fun, country music, that’s what it’s all about, and they certainly don’t want you to weep over them.

Nothing can quite unite the different countries of the world like music can it? Well, maybe food, yes, dinner and a show is always nice. A grand finale to finish off 10 days of world music in Mexico, I bet the atmosphere is absolutely out of this world, one big fiesta. Enjoy!

He admits that he’s not quite sure what the “X” Factor is, well, we’re sure of one thing, he certainly hasn’t got it. Shame on those judges for laughing at his singing though, where are their manners? Anyway, he can always carry on working in the chicken factory, there’s always that, thank goodness!

Now I’m sure you’ll agree, there are drums, and then there are DRUMS. He’s certainly got a big one at the back hasn’t he? This really is drumming music of the highest standard – unbelievable timing, it could all be done in one big mirror – but it isn’t – practice makes perfect.

They’re like silver haired angels aren’t they? Well, similar . . . Perhaps if he had a baton instead of a hymn book he’d keep them in a little better time, but music is there to be enjoyed, and they’re certainly enjoying it. Let me ask you one question, “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like them”?

Is this singing, or the worlds longest belch? Get rid of that wind mate, you’ll feel much better for it. Now I don’t mean to be disrespectful, and I’m sure that some people who know what he’s on about will be singing along, but this definitely falls into the “unusual, weird, cool and interesting” category, don’t you think? Now if want to travel to Tibet you better check with the State Department for travel warnings or at least buy burial insurance just to be safe.

That’s not a real music video – they’ve gatecrashed an aerobics class on the Starship Enterprise – cheapskates. And we thought that Michael Jackson started the crotch grabbing phase! I bet you watched right to the end didn’t you – go on, admit it, I did (for research purposes of course) three times!! Love it.

Were you paying attention? Right, now it’s your turn. You see, you really can make music with anything, you don’t need fancy musical instruments, just a little rhythm and a pair of hands is all that’s required.

Brings a lump to your throat doesn’t it? Nobody can match Whitney when she’s on form, and boy, was she on form then, good job really, there were rather a lot of people watching, as she was singing out the message loud and clear to the whole world. You go girl.

I love this song, ever since I learned to play it on the piano many years ago, but I must confess, my version wasn’t half so beautiful as this – the best version in the world, probably! I love those hats too, I’m
sure I’d have played better better music if I had a hat like that.

Charming! Charming music, charming singing and charming chap. Just charming, what more can I say?

A little “risque” don’t you think? Well, he certainly didn’t spend most of the time looking into her eyes did he? I think it would make a great exercise video don’t you, I must learn some of those moves, you never know where it might lead. Funky music, beautiful people, lots of glitz and glamor – what more could you ask for?

That’s slowed the pace down a little hasn’t it? A little night music, a good smooching track I reckon, and it’s good of Sting to take a night off from saving the Rain Forest. He does say that he doesn’t believe in using chemical soaps, shampoos or deodorants, but if you notice, nobody’s standing too close are they! It’s just an observation.

Did you recognize that? Not particularly at the beginning, but once he gets to his guitar music it might sound familiar, now where have I heard that before? Got it, Pulp Fiction, the movie actually helped a great revival of surf music and quite rightly, it’s cooooool – ok, turn off the spell checker! I know all about it.

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