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Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week – 2011

Unusual, Weird, Cool, Interesting, Umm . . . Music Videos of the Week – 2011

Here are our previous 2011 music video picks of the week:I’m not sure that it’s really fair to call him the worst singer and dancer, after all, he’s had no professional training.

What were you expecting, “birthing music”?  It sounds more like one of those things my brother used to have stuck to his bicycle wheel to me . . . . Very unusual and interesting but I wouldn’t buy their album, would you?

Ain’t they just the cutest things you ever did see? Pity they have to grow up really . . .

How does he do that? Especially while he’s breathing in so that he doesn’t burst out of his pants . . .  It takes all sorts, so they say. Do they actually write those lyrics down? Now that would be interesting.

That was definitely, urm . . . interesting, which is what these pages are all about. I didn’t recognize the tune though, did you?

So next time somebody tells you to “pull the other one, it’s got bells on”, you’ll have to say politely “it must be a carillon!”  It’s a good sound though, I always wondered how they pulled the ropes so quickly, and now we know, it’s a load of old bells . . . .

Yep, his fingers seem to be working okay, even if it is very early in the morning . . . I’ll tell you what I can’t believe, 25 years since Michael Jackson’s Thriller . . . now that is scary!

What did you make of that? Personally I think it wins the prize for being the most unusual, the weirdest, coolest and most different music video of the bunch.  It’s a kind of “music marmite” – you’ll either love it, or you’ll hate it. I love it. When he learns the words it might be even better!!

It makes you go all warm and googly inside doesnt’ it?

Very nimble in the fingers department . . .

Do you really think that Michael Jackson – (may God rest his soul), in his wildest fantasies (better not go there!) imagined it would ever sound like that?

Well? Do they go to Church or don’t they? What a nice sound though, and all that without any instruments – great stuff, and they certainly connected with the judges didn’t they – particularly Nicole, I wonder if Lewis Hamilton was watching.

Wowee, how much drum practice did those guys and gals need? The drum music was certainly different, but so cool . . . Well done!

Ha ha, when singing a cappella there’s nothing quite like a captive musical audience is there? Did you notice that most of them simply tried to pretend that nothing was happening . . . class.

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